Q: Mongoose

Date: 8/11/17

Pax: Hoptoberfest, Winklevoss, Zuckerberg, Glazer, Cheerio, Swiss Miss, Musk, Razzie, Wiki, Walter White, The Vig, Balco, Sac, Chomper, Plunger, Poncho, Tuco, Sassy, Skillet, Bluto, Snappy, Lysol, Mr. Hand, Shakes, Jar Jar, Chisel, Beverly, Fingers, FNG Scab (fka Chris Bettis)

In weighing my options for OG route creation, I was torn between trying to outdick (copyright: Winklevoss) previous dickish routes, or find a more reasonable path for the Pax.  It was a pretty easy choice, actually, as I am tired of running the terrible hills of West End and downtown.  And we ran those West End monsters on Tuesday.  So, I went back to an old favorite of mine and put something enjoyable for the Pax to run today.  6.2 miles of modest climb and fast finish:

Left out of parking lot

Left West End

Left Reynolda

Left Northwest

Right Hawthorne

Left Runnymede

Continue to Warwick

Right Pine Valley

Right Wellington

Right Robinhood

Right Austin

Left Buena Vista

Right Reynolda

Down to West End and take it to the house



Schmedfest – this is an actual event, despite some confusion from the Pax.  Plunger-sponsored fund raiser for Crisis Control Ministries.  Food, beer, music.  August 26 at Triad Park in Kernersville.  Please help Plunger reach $50K goal prior to the event so he doesn’t ask for money after every song played by every band for 7 hours.

BRR – It’s in a few weeks fellas.  Couple more weeks of hard training, then a bit of tapering into the race.  Smack talk has already started amongst the teams (or, between Zuck and Balco at least)

Lunch Bunch today at Ted’s Kickin Chicken.  Glazer hosting.  See his tweets.

Mr Hand working on getting logins and stuff set up for the new website.  I guess if you’re reading this you aren’t having issues with that.



  • Jeremy Pattisall
    August 11, 2017 12:46 pm

    Great route with some fair hills (e.g. Austin w/left turn to Buena Vista).

    It was sweet to be back running on the pavement with @Plunger–full of positive energy!

    Hoptoberfest was rolling through the route despite his self-confessed dislike for running.

  • Sean Kinder
    August 11, 2017 9:26 pm

    OG + Tractors enjoyed wonderful August weather to frolic around the Dash!

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